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α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone is a synthetic stimulant of the cathinone class developed in the 1960s that has been sold as a designer drug. Colloquially, it is sometimes called flakka. α-PVP is chemically related to pyrovalerone and is the ketone analog of prolintane


Alpha-PVP, otherwise called A-PVP, is an amazing stimulant and it is normally taken for accomplishing elation. A few analysts allude to it as a psychoactive substance too. In the mid ...

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α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone is a synthetic stimulant of the cathinone class developed in the 1960s that has been sold as a designer drug. Colloquially, it is sometimes called flakka. α-PVP is chemically related to pyrovalerone and is the ketone analog of prolintane


Alpha-PVP, otherwise called A-PVP, is an amazing stimulant and it is normally taken for accomplishing elation. A few analysts allude to it as a psychoactive substance too. In the mid 1960s, this was found and it has 1/fourth power level, contrasted with MDPV. The impacts are kind of comparative also. Alpha-PVP is normally found in the white shake precious stone structure 

ProductName: A-PVP 

Cas No: 5485-65-4 

Recipe: C15H21NO 

Appearance: enormous precious stone 

Virtue: above 99.5% 

Hues accessible: WHITE, PINK, BLUE, DARK 

Drop a remark which shading do you incline toward when submitting a request.

Outline sheet: A-PVP 


Substance Nomenclature 

Normal names 

α-PVP, alpha-PVP, Flakka, O-2387, β-ketone-prolintane, Prolintanone 

Substitutive name 


Methodical name 

(RS)- 1-Phenyl-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)- 1-pentanone 

Class Membership 

Psychoactive class 


Substance class 


Courses of Administration 

Cautioning: Always start with lower dosages because of contrasts between individual body weight, resilience, digestion, and individual affectability. See mindful use segment. 




1 - 2 mg 


2 - 5 mg 


5 - 15 mg 


15 - 25 mg 


25 mg + 


All out 

30 - an hour 


20 - 60 seconds 


3 - 6 minutes 


15 - 30 minutes 

Eventual outcomes 

1 - 3 hours 





0.5 - 1 mg 


1 - 5 mg 


5 - 15 mg 


15 - 25 mg 


25 mg + 


All out 

2 - 5 hours 


10 - 30 minutes 


20 - 45 minutes 


30 - an hour and a half 

Eventual outcomes 

2 - 4 hours 

DISCLAIMER: PW's measurements data is assembled from clients and assets for instructive purposes as it were. It's anything but a suggestion and ought to be confirmed with different hotspots for precision. 












Serotonin releasers 

Specific serotonin re-take-up inhibitors 

Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors 


alpha-Pyrrolidinovalerophenone (otherwise called α-PVP, A-PVP, alpha-PVP, and flakka) is a novel stimulant substance of the cathinone class. α-PVP is artificially identified with prolintane and has a place with a gathering called the substituted cathinones, which incorporates mixes like MDPV, hexen, and a-PHP. It goes about as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor. 

α-PVP was protected during the 1960s by Boehringer Ingelheim,[1] in spite of the fact that it was never promoted. Reports of its utilization started to show up in the mid 2010s. α-PVP has been liable to much examination by the media as one of the fixings found in "shower salts" or "lawful highs" products.[citation needed] It has been mass delivered in China and sold online as an exploration chemical.[citation needed] It has been connected to various hospitalizations and overdose deaths.[2] 

Client reports show that α-PVP delivers ground-breaking however fleeting stimulant impacts practically identical to those of methamphetamine and cocaine when insufflated or vaporized. Usually revealed impacts incorporate incitement, disinhibition, expanded drive, impulsive redosing, and rapture. Like other engineered cathinones, α-PVP is related with enthusiastic use and enslavement. 

Almost no information exists about the pharmacological properties, digestion, and danger of a-PVP. Because of its intense psychostimulant impacts and obscure lethality profile, it is exceptionally encouraged to utilize hurt decrease rehearses if utilizing with this substance. 


1    Chemistry 

2    Pharmacology 

[+]3    Subjective impacts 

[+]4    Toxicity and mischief potential 

5    Legal status 

6    See moreover 

7    External connections 

8    Literature 

9    References 


α-PVP, or alpha-Pyrrolidinovalerophenone, is a manufactured substance having a place with a gathering called the substituted cathinones. Substituted cathinones are subsidiaries of the normally happening substance cathinone, which is one of the psychoactive standards in khat (Catha edullis). Cathinone is made out of a phenethylamine center with an alkyl gathering appended to the alpha carbon, and a ketone gathering connected to the beta carbon. α-PVP's structure comprises of a cathinone center with a propyl gathering substituted at the alpha carbon, and a pyrrolidine ring at the amino gathering. 

The hydrochloride salt of α-PVP is portrayed as a white or grayish, unscented crystalline powder, with a liquefying purpose of 161.3°C. It is accounted for to be dissolvable in PBS (~10mg/ml, pH7.2), in EtOH (~20mg/ml), in DMSO (~10mg/ml) and in DMF (~3mg/ml).[2] 


α-PVP is a strong and particular norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI), with a comparative power as MDPV.[3] α-PVP doesn't go about as a transporter substrate, for example it doesn't cause synapse discharge. It is a more strong inhibitor of DAT and NET than the old style stimulants cocaine and amphetamine. 

Impacts of MDPV, α-PVP, cocaine, and amphetamine on hindrance of [3H] transmitter take-up at dopamine (DAT), norepinephrine (NET) and serotonin (SERT) transporters[2] 

Compound    DAT (nM)    NET (nM)    SERT (nM)    DAT/SERT proportion 

a-PVP    12.8 ± 1.2    14.2 ± 1.2    >10,000    >781 

MDPV    4.1 ± 0.6    25.9 ± 5.6    3305 ± 485    806 

Cocaine    211 ± 19    292 ± 34    313 ± 17    1.5 

Amphetamine    93 ± 17    67 ± 16    3418 ± 314    37 

Emotional impacts 

The impacts recorded underneath depend on the abstract impacts file and individual encounters of PsychonautWiki supporters. These impacts ought to be thought about while taking other factors into consideration and will once in a while (if at any point) happen at the same time, however heavier portions will expand the odds of inciting a full scope of impacts. Similarly, unfriendly impacts become significantly more likely on higher dosages and may incorporate genuine damage or demise. 

Physical effectsChild.svg 

Incitement - regarding its consequences for the client's physical vitality levels, α-PVP can be viewed as incredibly invigorating and fiery. This supports exercises, for example, running, climbing and moving, in spite of the fact that it can likewise empower simply sitting stationary occupied with dull assignments. The specific style of incitement which α-PVP presents can be depicted as constrained. This implies at higher doses it winds up troublesome or difficult to keep still as jaw holding, automatically substantial shakes and vibrations become present, bringing about an extraordinary instability of the hands and a general loss of engine control. 

Unconstrained substantial sensations - The "body high" of α-PVP can be portrayed as a moderate to outrageous euphoric shivering impression that includes the whole body. It is equipped for getting to be overpowering at higher measurements. This sensation keeps up a predictable nearness that relentlessly ascends with the beginning and hits its breaking point once the pinnacle has been come to. 

Material upgrade - α-PVP can improve one's feeling of touch to outrageous degrees, frequently prompting conditions of sexual excitement. 

Vibrating vision - α-PVP can make the eyeballs immediately squirm to and fro in a fast movement, making vision become hazy and briefly out of core interest. This condition is known as nystagmus. 

Hunger concealment 

Unusual heartbeat - Due to the intensity of its surge, α-PVP can cause different awkward or excruciating sensations in the heart, particularly when mishandled or utilized for broadened periods. Those with hereditary a family ancestry of heart issues are disheartened from utilizing this medication in its most strong strategies for organization, if not evade it completely. 

Expanded circulatory strain - α-PVP, particularly when it is vaporized or infused, can prompt abrupt spikes of pulse that may show in an amazingly awkward "detonating heart" sensation. 

Expanded pulse 

Parchedness - Dry mouth and drying out are an all inclusive involvement with α-PVP and are a result of an expanded pulse, adrenergic movement and the inspiration to take part in strenuous physical exercises. While it is imperative to abstain from getting to be dried out, particularly when out moving in a hot domain, there is a potential probability of experiencing water inebriation through over-drinking. Subsequently it is prompted that clients just taste at water and be aware of their water in-take. 

Dry mouth 

Mouth desensitizing - along these lines to that of cocaine, a-PVP numbs the territories of the body which it contacts, these regions can incorporate the nostrils, gums, mouth and urethra of the client. 

Expanded sweat 

Trouble peeing - Higher portions of α-PVP bring about a general trouble with regards to pee, an impact that is impermanent and ordinarily innocuous. 

Cerebral pains - This normally can happen towards the part of the arrangement, however can once in a while occur during one also. 

Muscle fits 

Fretful legs 

Vasoconstriction - α-PVP is accounted for to be very vasoconstricting at higher portions, and is keeping pace with that of amphetamine and methamphetamine.[citation needed] 

Teeth pounding - This part can be viewed as less extreme when contrasted and that of MDMA, however turns out to be increasingly present at high dosages. 

Seizure - α-PVP may bring down the seizure limit in certain people, particularly when it is abused.[citation needed] 

Visual effectsEye.svg 

Brilliance change - α-PVP can cause spaces to appear to be more brilliant because of its capacity to expand the students. 

Floating - This impact is normally extremely mellow and increments with lack of sleep. 

Visual sharpness concealment - α-PVP can have visual and vision-hindering impacts that can loan promptly to fringe mental trips. 

Illusory states 

Fringe data distortion 

Situations and plots 

Intellectual effectsUser.svg 

The intellectual impacts of α-PVP can be separated into a few segments which logically escalate corresponding to measurement. The sufficient head space of α-PVP is portrayed by numerous individuals as one of outrageous mental incitement and an incredible surging happiness that scatters rapidly. 

Tension and Paranoia - α-PVP can prompt conditions of outrageous distrustfulness when manhandled or dosed too profoundly, which is the reason eyeballing this substance is emphatically debilitated. The neurosis this compound produces shares numerous highlights of the distrustfulness that can be actuated by methamphetamine or cocaine, and ordinarily occurs while during the descend. 

Thought speeding up 


Subjective elation - A rapture fundamentally the same as amphetamine or cocaine is available just as sentiments of bliss and satisfaction which are likely an immediate aftereffect of serotonin and dopamine discharge. 

Drenching improvement 

Center upgrade - α-PVP has been noted as improving center, yet such that leaves the client completely focused on whatever main job, anyway inconsequential. 

Self image swelling - Similar to the sense of self expansion of cocaine or meth

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