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Free Shipping

We offer Free Shipping on all orders above $1000, and can include a 30% discount when an order has been approved. This will depend on your location.

Customer Support

Our customer is ready 24/7 to attend to your immediate issues through our SECURED online chat system. We hope to have you satisfied at all levels.

15 days money back Guaranteed

It is true we love online purchase, but if a package is not well sent or is not received in desired conditions, our system guarantees a MONEY BACK TRANSFER.

Eyangstore – The online medical store that does care about you

All people deserve to receive immediate treatment should they need it for health reasons. That is a key pillar of Eyangstore, an online drugstore that is committed to helping you improve your well-being at any time and wherever you are. With us, you can end up having top-quality medications and research chemicals to successfully tackle any illness without leaving your home.

Let’s face it: the traditional health care system has gone off the boil over the recent years. When you feel out of sorts due to some disease or impairment, it requires you to head off to your doctor to have a prescription written rather than providing you with the vital medications straight away. But what if you are too sick to go outside or can’t stand in lines for hours on end? With Eyangstore, you don’t have to.

At our online medical store, you are going to find out what the patient-oriented care is supposed to be like. We put your needs and comfort first by making a varied range of prescription drugs available for sale under one roof. You only have to take your pick, place an order using this website, and allow a few moments until it arrives. Say goodbye to seeing your doctor for prescriptions and enjoy replenishing your medical supplies online. We are dedicated to making the much-needed treatment accessible to everyone on the planet Earth.

Order medical products online and save

Are you trying to beat depression, overcome PTSD, or alleviate that nagging headache? Fill your shopping cart with the necessary medical drugs at Eyangstore. We are ready to supply you with everything from over-the-counter painkillers to psychedelics at lower-than-average prices. Besides, if you want to give alternative medicine a go, we can meet such specific needs of yours, too. Take a look at our assortment of medical cannabis and choose the strain that will work well for your condition.

Here’s something that can save you a great deal of money. Make your order large enough so that it’s over $1,000 in total, and shipping will be at no charge to you, regardless of your location. In addition to that, you’ll be provided with a 15-day money-back guarantee and a chance to qualify for 30% off.

Rest assured that you’ll never be in short medical supply at our online store. We are always up for whatever you need to take care of yourself. Call +1 (478) 561-0078 or leave us a message using this form to request additional information if necessary.